What is the average cost of HCG?

You would think that a diet that cuts your calorie intake by 75% would be less expensive than the money you spent on food prior to the diet.

However, an initial consultation with your doctor may cost up to $150.

An injection can cost up to $10 and is to be received up to 23 times a day for a recommended 26 days of treatment.

There have been dieters who have used the hormone for longer, but this is not recommended because the body can develop tolerance.

Some diets advise other supplements and suppressants, as well as vitamins and minerals.

It is quite possible that your doctor may suggest another round of the diet.

In this case, the price can easily reach a few thousand dollars. (7)

There are many Internet-based companies that sell homeopathic HCG in the form of injections and drops.

They vary in price anywhere from $30 to $600 for a 26-day supply.

However, it is vital for consumers to understand that nobody but a qualified physician can sell HCG.

If the seller isn’t one, their product is either a mimic hormone, a homeopathic HCG, or is illegal.

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