Why choose the longer round?

  1. If you have more weight to lose then do the longer rounds with breaks in between.
  2. Longer rounds allow you to reach your goal weight faster than doing the shorter rounds. It’s more efficient considering the number of times you’ll have to do the “break in between” for the shorter round. Another is the number of times you’ll purposely gain weight. Some hcg dieters gain from 6-8 pounds during gorging days. So when you lose about 20 pounds at the end of the shorter round, you can see that your loading weight is really cutting into your net loss.
  3. Doing the 46 day hcg diet protocol is better when it comes to resetting your brain’s hypothalamus and fixing your metabolism. You’ll lose a lot more fats the longer you are in the protocol. The more you would like to lose the longer you should stay in the protocol.
  4. Most hcg dieters doing the 46 day protocol finds it easier to do the hcg diet the longer they are in the protocol. Of course, the first week of the 500 calorie diet can be pretty hard but that’s natural. You’ll find yourself starving and wished it was yesterday. But as the days pass your body will adjust and your cravings will soon end. There are many ways that you can do to get distracted and keep yourself busy. Check this article out How to Avoid Cheating on the Buy HCG Injections Online Diet- Not having a clear picture of what is involved.

Why choose the shorter rounds?

  1. If you have less than 15 pounds or 7 kg to lose, the 26 day protocol is best for you.
  2. There are parties coming up and you’re struggling with what to do. In the article “How to Avoid Cheating on the HCG Diet” number 1, before starting the hcg diet you should plan ahead. As much as possible find a time that is clear of anything. That includes party, vacation, getting together with people with a bunch of foods. If you think of ways on how you’re going to get pass through the upcoming events then your best option is to do the shorter round.
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