Are There Natural Alternatives?

HCG is an important naturally occurring hormone for successful implantation and pregnancy. For some women struggling with infertility this hormone may not be properly produced and released. While a doctor may suggest use of a medically-assisted fertility treatment that includes HCG injections, she may want to first consider natural options for supporting hormone balance and spontaneous ovulation.

Prior to considering ovulation inducing medications like HCG, it may be most beneficial for a woman to address the underlying issue preventing or delaying ovulation, in addition to supporting overall hormonal balance. This will help the body to improve hormone levels in order to promote ovulation and sustain pregnancy on its own. Medications are known to be fast acting, however most do not address the underlying imbalance.

Medical professionals caution that HCG injections are medications and should only be used under the strict guidance of a qualified healthcare provider.

*Note: This study did not include couples where the male partner presented with azoospermia.

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